$310,000 First Mortgage – New Rochelle Two-Family Investment Home

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$310,000 First Mortgage – Two-Family Investment in New Rochelle, NY H&O Capital Funding was contacted by a local investor who needed some quick funds to payoff their current first mortgage. The home was in great shape, but the borrower had a rocky relationship with his current lender. Despite numerous obstacles posed by the current lender,… Read More

H&O Capital Funding 2017 Recap

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How Many Loans Did you Close? 2017 was a great year for H&O Capital Funding. H&O funded thirty-two loans this year, for a total dollar amount of just shy of $24 million. The loans ranged from as small as a $125,000 second mortgage up to a $4.25 million blanket loan on multiple residential investment properties…. Read More

$1,300,000 Blanket First Mortgage – Yonkers, NY & Hartford, CT

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$1,300,000 Blanket First Mortgage – Multi-Family Properties in Yonkers, NY & Hartford, CT In this deal a repeat borrower with H&O Capital Funding was back for another loan on some new properties he recently acquired in Hartford, CT. The borrower purchased a note that was in default on 5 multi-family properties up in Hartford, CT…. Read More

Who Funds Hard Money Lenders?

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Where do Hard Money Lenders get their Funding? Hard Money Lender funds come from one of three sources. Personal funds, a portfolio of investors or a public fund with money raised from many different investors similar to a REIT. The first, a lender who uses personal funds, is likely the rarest. There simply aren’t that… Read More

Pros and Cons of a Hard Money Loans

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Loan Requirements Conventional Lenders and Hard Money Lenders actually have surprisingly similar loan requirements. Both types of lenders rely heavily on the loan to value ratio, however, one con for conventional lenders is that they also go through borrowers’ personal financials including credit scores. While this may be a pro for hard money lenders as… Read More

Private Loan Requirements

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Here is an outline of private loan requirements. What Financials do you need to show to a private lender? 99% of the time there are no personal financials required, however, property financials will sometimes be requested depending on the property type, tenancy and ownership. Credit scores, personal tax returns, etc. are almost never requested. Is… Read More

$3,150,000 Combined First and Second Mortgage – Industrial Property Loan – New Rochelle, NY

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$3,150,000 Combined First and Second Mortgage – Industrial Property Loan – New Rochelle, NY The owners and operators of a commercial landscaping business on a 1.8 acre property in New Rochelle, NY came to H&O Capital Funding needing to refinance their current mortgage, which was being called as the landscapers had accrued a large tax… Read More

$2,850,000 Single Family Investment Property – Brooklyn, NY

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$2,850,000 Refinance – Single Family Investment Property – Brooklyn, NY A seasoned developer ran into some trouble with a construction loan for a large single-family home he was building in the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn. Having started the project in 2009 just around the time of the financial collapse, the developer ran into some… Read More