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– $2,500,000 Second Mortgage – Retail/Apartment complex – Harlem, NY

Posted on Jun,05 2018
by Rich Salinaro in Blog

$2,500,000 Second Mortgage – Retail/Apartment complex – Harlem, NY

H&O Capital Funding was contacted by two investors needing some short term funds for a deal they were working on and a second mortgage loan is what they needed.  Thankfully, they had a lot of equity in a property they own in Harlem with 54 apartments and a retail store. H&O Capital was able to give them $2,500,000 to help them move along their other deal. H&O Capital was able to get them the funds they needed in under two weeks, making for some very happy investors.

H&O Capital Funding  has helped countless real estate buyers, sellers, lessees and lessors achieve their goals. Our legacy is unwavering commitment to the communities we serve. Houlihan & O’Malley Commercial Real Estate Services specializes in four distinct, yet overlapping, areas of business: Commercial Brokerage services, Private Mortgage services, Appraisal Services and Advisory services.

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