$1,300,000 Loan – Automotive Assemblage – Long Island

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Automotive Assemblage (4 properties) – Farmingdale, NY  – $1,300,000 A family owned automotive business based out of Farmingdale, NY came to H&O Capital Funding looking for some help refinancing their property. Due to some mismanagement of the property after a death in the family, the company had to file bankruptcy to reorganize and regroup. With… Read More

Property Types for Hard Money Loans

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Hard Money Loans can work for most property types including: Multi-Family Properties – These are a lender’s dream as the perception is that housing is always going to be in demand, which helps ensure very low vacancy rates. Lenders only major concern is whether or not the income generated by the property can service the… Read More

$550,000 Unconventional Land Loan – Brooklyn, NY

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Land Loan – Brooklyn, NY  – $550,000 A Masonic group based out of Louisiana came to H&O Capital Funding looking for a loan on am approximately 4,000 SF parcel of land in Bedford-Stuyvesant. There were a few complications as the land was adjacent to a building that the group owned as well on a single… Read More

New Construction Loan in the Hamptons – $800,000

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New Construction Loan – East Hampton, NY  – $800,000 Nearly finished with their construction of a beautiful, 4,000+ SF single-family home in an exclusive East Hampton neighborhood, the borrowers had a small balloon payment coming due on their construction loan. With the project still yet to be finished many lenders were shying away from the… Read More

Bronx Mixed-Use Refinance Loan – $1,350,000

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Bronx Mixed-Use Refinance Loan  – $1,350,000 Due to some communication mix-ups and an aggressive lender, the borrower on this loan was facing imminent foreclosure. Add in some credit issues and this borrower was in need of a lender who could move quickly and overlook many of the detrimental factors that prevented a conventional lender from… Read More

What are Commercial Bridge Loans and How Do They Work?

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What are Commercial Bridge Loans? A Bridge Loan is typically used to purchase commercial real estate quickly or refinance a property to forestall foreclosure or retrieve a property from foreclosure. Bridge loans are typically short-term loans used to “bridge” the gap between the transaction and the date long-term financing is secured. Bridge loans are almost… Read More

Bronx-Manhattan North Board of Realtors – Yankee Outing

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Thursday June 8th – NY Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox – Yankees Win 9 – 1 On a beautiful Thursday evening in the Bronx, Houlihan & O’Malley joined many other members of the Bronx-Manhattan North Board of Realtors for their annual NY Yankees outing. Liz Genovese and Steven Manela of the appraisal group, as well as Rich… Read More

Hard Money Lenders vs. Crowdfunding

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What is a Hard Money Loan and how does it work? A hard money loan is similar to a mortgage from a conventional lender (a bank, an insurance agency, a trust), however the three biggest differences are the speed with which a loan can be closed, the loan term, and the interest rates. Hard Money… Read More

$350,000 Commercial Loan – Mixed-Use Property in Brooklyn, NY

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Brooklyn, NY Mixed-Use – $350,000 Commercial Loan The borrower in this transaction needed some quick funds to payoff a legal judgement of $300,000. Thankfully, the borrower owned a 6-unit mixed-use property in Brooklyn free and clear to use as collateral for the commercial loan. H&O Capital Funding stepped in to provide the funds needed to pay… Read More